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necessity-driven entrepreneurs.
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"We see an America where everyone has the capability to support themselves with dignity, in the face of racial, educational and financial inequality."

Our Clients
We couldn't be more proud of our clients. We have people that work in a variety of business areas including landscaping, baking, shipping, videography and many, many more.

Our Mission
We have a multi-layer approach to our entrepreneurship training. We help our clents create their strategic plans, while at the same time helping them to earn income quickly. Our clients don't have the luxury of waiting years for thei business to earn a profit!
Our Team
Our organization is made up of thought leaders, community business owners, advisors, volunteers and a strong Board of Directors with knowledge of the local entrepreneuship landscape!

2016 Highlights

It's our first full year! See how much we've grown in such a short amount of time.

Help Us Continue to Serve
Your donor gift will go directly toward our mentoring programs, where we currently have over 25 entrepreneurs enrolled. With small businesses that will hire another 2-4 people, that’s the potential to help over a hundred local families!
Connell Green is one of our amazing clients. His story is inspiring and proves that we can achieve anything we set our minds to. We look forward to helping him grow even further in his business!
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"Let others create the mega-corporation. We believe we can change the world by creating thousands of small companies!"
                            - Geraud Staton, Executive Director

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