Support Us


As a non-profit, volunteers really help our organization to fulfill it's true purpose. Volunteers allow us to serve the community at lower costs and more efficiency!

Areas to Volunteer
  • Help us to organize events
  • Work with us during youth camps or events
  • Write guest blog posts for the Modest Entrepreneur
  • Aid our clients with office tasks such as marketing assistance, website building, etc
Mentors Wanted
Want to share your expertise with one of our clients directly? We would love volunteer mentors who have experience in various fields. Our clients have a myriad of business types including lawncare, screen printing, distribution, daycare, and various product creation.

Or, perhaps you'd like to volunteer professional advice such as legal, accounting or marketing. Our clients need these services as well, and they are often too high for many of our clients to afford at the beginning of their businesses. We would love to direct you to those in need!
How would you like to help?
Just leave your name, email address and/or phone number and a quick message letting us know how you'd like to help with our mission. We will get back to you quickly, usually within a single business day!